About Us

Hi There 👋🏾

Welcome to In Ya Feelings, greeting cards designed for and inspired by the black culture, or as we like to say..., Cards For the Culture!

In Ya Feelings is made up of a team of ladies who are passionate about our culture. We all come from a Caribbean background, which is full of warm and vibrant memories. A culture that likes to enjoy life, through music, entertainment and food.

Celebrating special moments and milestones with friends and family is the norm. Sharing a little rum together, giving gifts and cards, just spreading a little joy and happiness, along the way.

We struggled to find cards that could help us do that. Cards we could relate to, offering positive and humorous representation of our community, but were still current and fresh. Diverse enough that they could cater to all age groups, without feeling a little dated. So we decided to change that, and in January 2021, In Ya Feelings was born.

We're not only passionate about our culture, but the design team are passionate creatives. Each one of these lovely ladies not only design our brilliant cards, but they are also building their own individual personal creative career paths. From music video directorship, to art therapy, they're aiming for the stars.

With this in mind, and as Granny would say "one hand nuh clap", the founder of In Ya Feelings has put together a royalty scheme. The scheme allows each creative to earn a small percentage from the sale of each card, which they've specifically designed.

Knowing the road to success in the creative world can be a very long one, the scheme aims to help them on their journey, by not only recognising their amazing talents, but by also giving them a little something back, one card at a time.